Friday, August 03, 2007

i've been awaiting this one... senses are tingling. i just got the new paula cole album. i'm halfway through it and already as smitten as i was with every song she wrote before now. anyone who is a fan of miss cole will know this one is a long time comin'. i don't know if its the way she uses all her vocal capacity, the way her songs sing of spirituality and personal growth, or maybe its the way she performs...its something to be seen...dancing around the stage....she is fierce and her music has always resonated with me more than most.

the soundtrack of my life has been full of women lately. the weepies got me through some very hard times last year, then led me into my joy. i will never be tired of the weepies! more recently i can't stop listening to an ol' friend miss sarah noni metzner. her new album is divine. really. and i can tell already that this new paula album is about resiliance....which is where i find myself now. i have found my joy again and now its time to grow stronger in it.

oh...and she's coming to town and playing with mandy moore in a few weeks. i'm so there!

It's My Life - Paula Cole

That quiet voice inside of my soul,
It's rising up again.
Oh I know it's the time, life is short.
Gotta grab the wheel of my life.

Indecision, should-haves, could-haves,
Will only rip my joy away.
This inner cross-roads may define me,
But it's the only way.

'Cause it's my life,
And I am free,
To live my life,
The way I feel.

For all the people who hear my song,
Why not take a chance?
By the keeping the child alive in our heart,
There's truth and meaning there.

Trusting beauty,
Truth, perfection,
I'll never lead my light astray.
Listen to my intuition,
Gather up my faith.

'Cause it's my life,
And I am free,
To live my life,
The way I feel.

Deep inside I know I can,
Deep inside I'm beautiful,
Tell myself I won't give up,
Tell myself have courage now.
Willingness and openness,
Step by step and day by day,
Over time a thousand fields,
Will have passed beneath my feet.
'Cause it's my life.


Temple Woman said...

i love the words in this song.
she's honest & i love it.

i recently heard she & sinead (seperately ~ but, two women i pay attn. to) had new albums coming out.

i too was stRUck Deeply when i saw Paula on stage. it was @ a Lilith Fair concert.
She was the BEST energy to watch for ME.
(it was a very UNsisterly exp. for me there tho'. I didn't have a lot of wimin in mye life @ the time & ended up going alone & feeling alone).

Ladyv said...

she is really incredible on stage. i'm so looking forward to it! literally she dances while she performs, eh! i actually went to lilith fair alone myself too!

Temple Woman said...

we are the same !

she is so ViTAL & chanelling this WomanEarthForCe energy as she moves around.