Tuesday, August 07, 2007

every single day

i'm so excited about the 365 project. you commit to posting one picture a day for a year! no problem i think now...i wonder how i will feel at day 300. i am also curious to see how my photography develops over the year.

between my 365 and citygirl/countrygirl i have thoroughly committed myself to an artful life! this is exactly the way i wanted! my art group...dreamseeds....has taken the summer off and although i miss the ladies very very much, its been a blessing in a way because i've been able to let art integrate itself into my daily existence...not just sunday afternoons. that said, i'm bursting with anticipation for when we begin again!

today has been very peculiar. after my night shift i was running for the bus and fell on the pavement! the base of my palms are jagged and cut open. it was seriously painful. i was quite shocked and bleeding...it was pretty bad! all this at 6:15 a.m.
after a number of sleep i awoke, still aching but hopeful the day would get better...oh and it did!

look what arrived! and on the same day to boot!

i'm in zine heaven! these goodies are from Jen Lemen
and Magpie Girl who are both artfull bloggers that i read, well, everytime they post! i was overwhelmed by all the goodies...not sure what to ready first! so i took in a bit of both!

so, sore hands and eyes full of bright coloured zine visions are making for a day to remember!

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