Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: Patterns (week 2)

i've been thinking about patterns a lot since last tuesday. when i awoke today the idea for todays pic came to me quickly. i wanted in some way to involve family in my expression of patterns. and this is the best way. let me tell you why...

my mother made this wallhanging when she was far younger than i am now. she was a weaver back then and now she paints, collages and makes beautiful art. lately i have been consumed with photography...feeling like i've found my niche. my family on my mom's side and my immediate family are all very ecclectic folks...artists, organic gardeners, art history buffs, musicians. i think that i am very blessed to have one of the most desirable patterns passed on to me...a love of life and passion for our own way of expressing ourselves.

i say that if there was ever a fire and i could save one thing it would be this wallhanging (presuming that the cats are safe of course). it took me years to convince my mom to let me take it and now my sister has another one of mom's wallhangings. it reminds me daily the bright beauty that art and life hold

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