Monday, April 23, 2007

mini skirts and grumpy pants

last week i had my grumpypants on in the most serious way. i didn't want to be here, feeling alone and without community. the value of a bout of the grumpies is all the revelations that come with it (like with pms...true feelings come out). so today surprised me with a few moments of spontaneous dancing and mini-bouts of joy. i have a few entries on this thing, packed full of sadness and craving to be elsewhere. i'm not letting go of the possibility of change, but my spirit needs to find the beauty in today.

the benefit of living on this side of the country is showing itself these days as spring is with us full force. today was the first day i could get away with wearing a mini-skirt without freezing my knees off.

mini-skirts always make the day better.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

so excited for my superhero necklace! (waiting patiently while andrea juggles new-mama-hood and making jewlery)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

words eaten

um, i've gotta eat my words, as i've just found out one of these long lost cousins is a pagan and seems pretty rad.
i spoke too soon!

Friday, April 06, 2007

my love/hate relationship with facebook

why it bugs me:
1. there is no option other than male/female for my gender diverse friends to use.
2. they tell you every little thing that people change on their profiles. i really don't need to know!
3. i added a guy from highschool, who is making me nauseous...posting updates that he is masturbating and has pictures of himself and his steroid pumped arms grabbing women's breasts. for real! i almost dated this dude too. until he slept with my friend (big surprise). he will likely be deleted.
4. i didn't know i had so many cousins, until i joined facebook. they are coming out of the woodwork, and have the appropriate last names to be my second cousins, but i probably only met them once at a family reunion. i'm not feeling like i can really be my self now on facebook (i like to keep some parts of my life private from extended family). grrr.

why i love it:
1. i have tracked down the loveliest people from my past, like the friend i've had since age 1 month and would totally hang out with now if we lived in the same province, friends who now have kids, lovely camp friends.
2. with my bad memory, and finding all these people, it almost feels like i have more of a context of my own history...not just, i grew up in inglewood/caledon, went to mayfield, moved to montreal, went to tbay, moved to vic, now in van...but i have all these lovely reminders of the people i've cared about along the way.
3. well, pretty much because so many people are joining it, so the social network of the past grows!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

prince charming

what if there is no prince charming?
how do i find enough self love to fill that place?

Monday, April 02, 2007

a beautiful day to make mischief

today was just lovely. as part of our sunday dreamseeds creative adventuring, we had a plan to get dressed up real silly and go take photos. just near the purple thistle (art centre) is an old factory that is now studios, train tracks and grafitti filled alleyways...perfect for photo fun. these are some of my favourites of the day that z took of me.