Monday, April 23, 2007

mini skirts and grumpy pants

last week i had my grumpypants on in the most serious way. i didn't want to be here, feeling alone and without community. the value of a bout of the grumpies is all the revelations that come with it (like with pms...true feelings come out). so today surprised me with a few moments of spontaneous dancing and mini-bouts of joy. i have a few entries on this thing, packed full of sadness and craving to be elsewhere. i'm not letting go of the possibility of change, but my spirit needs to find the beauty in today.

the benefit of living on this side of the country is showing itself these days as spring is with us full force. today was the first day i could get away with wearing a mini-skirt without freezing my knees off.

mini-skirts always make the day better.

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