Monday, March 26, 2007

the adventures of the red mary janes

my lovely red mary janes used to be the shoes that could not be worn in the rain (which is over half of the year here) or snow, thus often sitting on the shoe rack to be admired there. but this week i've injured my foot (too much running, not enough streching) thus only shoes that are actually good for my feet are allowed to adorn them. so miss mary janes not only have exited the category of the 'only worn in certain conditions' but are now destined to live a life with far more adventure. so here is what the day brought...

arrive at the beach standing tall on a log

explore what the low tide has to show

view from the shoe

sand, shells and wood

and finishing off the day nestled under a table at the naam

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


these days are so rich with learning, and not so much the heavy lesson filled learning but the playful joyous learning. coming back into my own confidence, feeling new beauty and sense of self. yum yum life.

Friday, March 02, 2007


the subject for the photofriday challenge this week is 'alone'. this picture was taken in summer when i was feeling the most intense loneliness i have ever felt. i felt alone even in my own company, which for me was different, because before that i didn't generally feel lonely as i have great fun being by myself. i found out through the process of sorting through that depression that i really wasn't giving myself the care i deserved and was giving too much of my self away. i look now at pictures such as the pjdance party of the last entry which is also taken while i'm alone and i see both as beautiful moments, but i sure am glad i'm back to a place of joy.