Thursday, March 31, 2005

songs that get me all veclempt

its been happening frequently lately. i'll be walking to work or running around the track with my headphones on and my throat gets all tight and my eyes get to the verge of pourage...sometimes even flowing out some tear action...all because of the beauty of music. often it is the content, the way they sing here are the beautiful culprits of my veclemptness...

you stay here - richard shindell
corner talk - pogirl
bomb the world (armagedon version) - Micheal Franti and Spearhead
soak- melisse lafrance
upon my altar- wyrd sisters
softly to the ground- sarah metzner
i saw a bird fly away- dar williams

Sunday, March 20, 2005

this weekend has been so surprisingly enriching.
I approached it with caution as I had way overbooked myself with social events each night, while my gut was that I would just want to be alone each night, with a book and a bath. But as saturday and sunday night each approached I was aware that each of the events would be more nourishing than I would have with a quiet eve at home. Sometimes that is not the case, but this time my gut was clear on that.
There were many things I adored about this weekend, but one of the things that stands out the most was that we are grown ups now! At the sleep over night in the country at C & M's the party was a ruckus extrordonaire, but truth be told, the whole party crashed at midnight, and tonight was a lovely dinner party at A & E & A's i headed home at the reasonable hour of 9:30.... good lord we are bloody responsible! these both worked with my 7 a.m. rising schedule but still allowed for two fucking beautiful social evenings. Call me a grown up, but it seems we can party and sleep! What a concept!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

its a miracle. i have nothing to do!

tomorrow i have nothing to do.
do you realize what a fucking miracle that is!
for months...everyday off i've had has been filled with essays or appointments or meetings.
the odd day off i'd get drunk the night before and mess up a day off with a hangover, but not this eve....i have mild plans which include listening to the cbc all morning (which is normal for me) but what is not an everyday occurance is my friend kristin is going to be on 'sounds like canada' between 10 and 11:45. pretty damn cool. also...i will be biking to some far off beach with a friend to lounge. i cannot explain to you how much i need one of these slow down.
what happened to lazy days?
how come there are so few of them?
when can i go on vacation?
truth be told. i'm pretty damn excited by all the reasons my life is so busy. i am motivated about my life and all that i'm doing. its worth it.
but oh lordy i'm not going to miss the absense of the alarm clock tomorrow!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

i have remembered
in the way you recall in each cell and the blockage that was there just burst open and your whole body is fluid....starting with the eyes. then it turns to air and leaves from your pores smelling of the past. i have remembered what i lost i don't know how long ago. i slowly became disempowered and i let it go. its true no one makes you feel inferior without your consent. and i consented.
i have remembered that i am precious. i have built up a thick skin and forgotten what needed to be protected.
and the way to this preciousness.
is music.
is laughter.
and those pathways to self are mine alone.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

and so we take the stage...

SWAG Fundraiser
Saturday March 5, 2005
(on Herald St. by Store St....just behind Value Village.)
Show starts at 8
Cover is $4 and it's a kid-friendly event!
so, i messed up my computer and haven't been able to get it fixed yet, so i can't update my website...thus...i'll have to do my updates here....

this weekend i'm playing a show...its been a couple months since my last one, and i'm excited to get back at it. so here's the info for what is in store for you:

performers include:

jenny cupcake
sweet-vocal-improv-storytelling. ms cupcake radiates positive heart energy to everyone in her path. she'll take your breath away.

i'll be accompanied this saturday by leif nordholm of brix n' lay. how to describe myself? well, you'll get some ode-to-the-goddess-action/comedic-tunes/unexpected vocals mixed in with the storytelling-leo i am!

the piano stylings, powerful vocals and raw poetics of glenna are something undescribable. described as "...raw, emotional and utterly captivating..." she sure is. her music is an experience unto itself and i promise you will be blown away.

kristin sweetland
we are blessed to have miss sweetland back on the island this winter before she takes off again in her magical van travelling this fine country. described as "a monster of a guitarist and a goldmine of a mind" she sure is something else. she is honestly the most brilliant guitar player i have ever seen of any gender, sings beautiful tales of heartbreak, mythology, mysticism....she's simply magnificent.

be well.
love V

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

i am ready

i am ready to heal. i am ready to stop self-sabatoging. i am ready to love again.
i am ready to sing fully. i am ready to be proud of my body. i am ready to tell you my truths.
i have been recouperating from my life for two years. resting in my loft bed in the fetal position, cats purring by my ear. focusing on opening my heart again and not shutting it down. it is late and i am tired. i have been crying, thinking about past love, past hurt and how i can heal it in the present. i am ready for that too.
i am ready to show up in my own life.