Wednesday, February 28, 2007

start the day dancing

i made a playlist on itunes this morning called 'beautiful life' and this a bit of the pjdanceparty that followed!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

7 steps to a lovely solo vday

1. start the day by downloading this non-cheesy valentines day cd (for free) and find you have the perfect soundtrack for the day.

2. get dressed up to look/feel pretty.

3. take yourself out for lunch.

4. buy yourself the prettiest pink bag with this quote:

5. when arriving early for your friends burlesque show you decide to go on a walk through the alleys of strathcona armed with your digital camera. this is some of what you see:

6. watch your amazing friend Z do some empowering burlesque at this show

you feel a bit awkward because you don't know anyone else there but are proud that you had the guts today to come alone.

7. end the day with some cat cuddles, a cup of tea and some journalling.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

be mine

i was so happy to find this cookie at a local health food store. being gluten intolerant, cookies just aren't in my vocabulary, let alone ones with icing, asking me to 'be mine'. though i definitely am a romantic, i've also been a single girl for a while so the main romanticism in my life there right now is working on self love. it is nice to do sweet things for one's self. a cup of tea and a g.f. heart cookie sounds romantic to me!

and truth be told, i feel the same way about Vday concerning self love as romantic love. one day a year just don't cut it! this whole year has been about working on this daily. giving myself space to heal and grow, finding ever growing kindness for myself, working through the messy rough stuff in order to find the open heart stuff. i'm still feeling rather protective of my needs (having formerly not been good at articulating them, its an adjustment) but far less fragile. i've got to really 'be mine' before i can be anything for anyone else.

Monday, February 12, 2007

what i believe in

i believe that there is a love ahead for me that is good and true.

i believe that i will exceed my own expectations. i underestimate myself far too much.

i believe in the lessons of this wide open present moment. the lessons these days are fierce in their content but gentle in how they become my new reality.

i believe in the way my parents believe in me and in the growing friendships with my siblings.

i believe in the way lucas makes me laugh, that hil is chosen family, the way liza and i learn about ourselves from each other, the way alison makes me feel special. i believe in their friendship fiercely even though they are far away.

i believe in the community of creative women that inspire me daily, though spread out around the world.

i believe in watching your back, but not forgetting to meet people with kindness.

i believe in spending time alone. going places alone. learning to be alone. being your own best friend, but at the same time not forgetting the value of friendship.

i didn't really have the forsight for a while there, to really see what hope and potential awaited. I believe in experiencing all that is messy, frumpy, frustrated, fearful, angry and trusting that you will make it back to happiness again (and that it will be worth it).

i believe in living as authentically as possible. and it sure is time to do just that.