Wednesday, February 14, 2007

7 steps to a lovely solo vday

1. start the day by downloading this non-cheesy valentines day cd (for free) and find you have the perfect soundtrack for the day.

2. get dressed up to look/feel pretty.

3. take yourself out for lunch.

4. buy yourself the prettiest pink bag with this quote:

5. when arriving early for your friends burlesque show you decide to go on a walk through the alleys of strathcona armed with your digital camera. this is some of what you see:

6. watch your amazing friend Z do some empowering burlesque at this show

you feel a bit awkward because you don't know anyone else there but are proud that you had the guts today to come alone.

7. end the day with some cat cuddles, a cup of tea and some journalling.

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