Monday, February 12, 2007

what i believe in

i believe that there is a love ahead for me that is good and true.

i believe that i will exceed my own expectations. i underestimate myself far too much.

i believe in the lessons of this wide open present moment. the lessons these days are fierce in their content but gentle in how they become my new reality.

i believe in the way my parents believe in me and in the growing friendships with my siblings.

i believe in the way lucas makes me laugh, that hil is chosen family, the way liza and i learn about ourselves from each other, the way alison makes me feel special. i believe in their friendship fiercely even though they are far away.

i believe in the community of creative women that inspire me daily, though spread out around the world.

i believe in watching your back, but not forgetting to meet people with kindness.

i believe in spending time alone. going places alone. learning to be alone. being your own best friend, but at the same time not forgetting the value of friendship.

i didn't really have the forsight for a while there, to really see what hope and potential awaited. I believe in experiencing all that is messy, frumpy, frustrated, fearful, angry and trusting that you will make it back to happiness again (and that it will be worth it).

i believe in living as authentically as possible. and it sure is time to do just that.

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