Sunday, March 20, 2005

this weekend has been so surprisingly enriching.
I approached it with caution as I had way overbooked myself with social events each night, while my gut was that I would just want to be alone each night, with a book and a bath. But as saturday and sunday night each approached I was aware that each of the events would be more nourishing than I would have with a quiet eve at home. Sometimes that is not the case, but this time my gut was clear on that.
There were many things I adored about this weekend, but one of the things that stands out the most was that we are grown ups now! At the sleep over night in the country at C & M's the party was a ruckus extrordonaire, but truth be told, the whole party crashed at midnight, and tonight was a lovely dinner party at A & E & A's i headed home at the reasonable hour of 9:30.... good lord we are bloody responsible! these both worked with my 7 a.m. rising schedule but still allowed for two fucking beautiful social evenings. Call me a grown up, but it seems we can party and sleep! What a concept!

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