Sunday, August 26, 2007

fat phobia (i love my curves)

i am pissed off.

i am being charged an extra monthly cost with the new health benefits I am getting, because i am overweight. seriously. apparently if i lose 15 pounds and keep it off for the next year they will 'reassess' their decision.

this may not be a surprise to some. i keep very separate from the allopathic medical system, partially to avoid such attitudes. to be honest, i don't experience much direct fat phobia. mostly i am just ignored.

i've already written to the fellow who is my contact at the company, requesting information on how to complain about this and that i will not be losing 15 pounds and keeping it off for the next year for the purpose of pleasing them.
i am blessed with a healthy body. i conciously make an effort to treat it well and keep it healthy. i have food allergies that keep me eating way healthier than most people. i keep active/run/work out not to lose weight but because i feel like it is the key to keeping me mentally healthy. i have no shame in my love for chocolate, i do not smoke (anymore), i rarely drink, i don't do drugs and have never done anything that is not plant based and one of my main modes of transportation is my bicycle! did they ask about any of that? hell no (except the smoking).

i'm seriously healthy!
apparently being fat will shorten my life. you know what i think?
i think that believing that will shorten my life.

thank goodness this plan covers counselling because i think i need a few sessions to get out my frustration at how much we are told that who we are is wrong or not enough (or too much).

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