Monday, August 13, 2007


a few of the many things keeping me in a state of perma-smile:

-photo adventures. i'm loving what each day brings. todays theme that arose was taking pictures of the shadows. i am completely smitten with this creative medium!

-my new beautiful bike. i had rode past this bike the other day and thought it was the most purdy bike i'd ever seen. a day later i saw it on craigslist. it wasn't too expensive, and though i love and adore my lil' green bike (miss magnolia princess of eternal springtime) i needed something that could get me big distances.

-rediscovering what 'connection' feels like. after having a year of some serious solitude, it was almost like i forgot what it feels like to really just have that spark with people. to know that someone will most definitely be your friend, to connect with old friends, to meet people that within a second you know you were meant to meet, to be amazed at the type of people i seem to be drawing to me. at the same time i am retaining this wonderful commitement to my solo time!

-a picnic in the park with a collection of femmes! beautiful lovely people that i am proud to call my community. i am learning so much about myself in their company. a few lovely folks put together a beautiful zine called 'romance for rebels' that is so beautiful. i was part of a dialouge with these lovely ladies on 'being a femme in love'. its a beautiful collection of works...

-oh the kitters. they are spending as much of the day outside as possible. they are HAPPY. which makes me happy. i always love them, but there are certain times when my love is with such ferocity it blows me away.

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