Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: Patterns (week 3)

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have been noticing the way the natural world makes shadows on the constructed world and am entranced by these patterns. On my walk to the cafe this morning the sun was at the perfect place to give me many many shadow patterns to work with. The one above is one of my favourites, hence my offering for this weeks self portait challenge.

As I was snapping my way towards caffine, a mom and lil' guy came across me. He asked his mom what I was doing. She said I was an artist, taking pictures. I explained that today I was looking at all of the patterns that I see along my way and I pointed out that there are lots of patterns made on purpose, by accident, or naturally, like the sewer cover, a pattern made by tar, or the shadow of the tree.

He thought this was pretty cool. They decided they were going to try to notice patterns along their way today. He asked me to take a picture of his bike.

I love how art spreads itself with such ease!


Valaine said...

I love these! Nature is so giving, even in the search to find patterns :)

gaysknits said...

love the pattern of your hat against the pattern of the leaves. great story too.

platinum blonde said...

beautiful photos


Sarah said...

i just found your blog for the first time...and I love it! Thank you for the inspiration, the quiet reflection and appreciation of interactions with the world around you. I definitely don't take enough photos, even though I aspire to, so I am going to take a cue from you and carry my camera with me more regularly. You rule!

Sarah H.