Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Self Portait Challenge: Patterns (week 4)

i love tuesdays. i wake up wondering what todays theme for the SPC shall be. lately i have changed some daily pattens, specifically surrounding the setting of this photo: my bed. i have hmm....4 different rather obnoxious patterns on my bed. i love it. some people have said it would likely keep them awake, but not i. i feel ready for vibrant dreams wrapped up in all this bright beauty.

i am the type of person who jumps out of the bed upon waking ready to start the day and to some degree i have some guilt around staying in bed. no matter how much SARK i read i just can't seem to get in the swing of it. even naps, though i enjoy them, mean to me that i am either not getting enough sleep or need to be exercising more. i love when i have a visitor and can lounge in bed together...having someone else in my bed somehow gives me permission to just revel in resting. alas, that only happens once in a while, so up i get in the morning (or early afternoon if i am sleeping off a night shift).

but the last few days have been different. i have been waking up to the sounds of meows demanding attention. usually i would just get up and deal with them, make coffee and start my day. but i've been attending to their needs and then dissapearing back into the beautiful patterns of my bed. perhaps it has been that i am a dedicated reader these days. and also i have not been craving coffee in the morning, which is something that has been a pattern for oh, a decade. whatever the reason, i am enjoying my slow mornings, listening to what i need rather than what i should be doing with my day!

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platinum blonde said...

makes me want to read a book!