Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: Creating New Patterns

for this final week of the theme 'patterns' for the self portrait challenge, i decided that i wanted to end it off with intention. so here it is.

the other entries this month have focused on visual patterns, but this time i wanted to focus on patterns in terms of behaviour. in the last year art and photography has become a vital part of my life and i intend to make it even more so. now that my art desk is actually functional and no longer a dumping ground for bills, i want to make sure i sit down there daily, even for a wee bit either to journal, paint, collage or even print/work on photos.

i'm looking forward to finding out what the next theme is!

look here for more of the self portrait challenge.


Miriam said...

You say it well...I thought often about how could I portray wanting to break certain patterns. i.e. laziness, procrastination, etc. regarding my art. More power to you! Every day for even just a little bit.....so important!

platinum blonde said...

i like your take on this! i love collaging...your workspace seems more orderly than mine...so jealous

Molly said...

I like the twist on the assignment for this month! Great idea.