Sunday, August 26, 2007


today i just couldn't decide what to do or where to go, but felt like i should do something. I'm not a fan of shoulds.
Shoulds make me feel like I am not listening to my own needs.

so after feeling grumpy for a bit it came to me that rather than looking outside my home and outside myself to find joy or inspiration or even 'worth' in my day, that i need to do just that...look inside my home/self for inspiration. so i decided to take a photo adventure without leaving the house.

hopefully when such moments arrise again i can look around and look back and try to be more present in my home.

my friend hilary's pelvis painting and a collage i'm working on

my newly cleaned and organized art table

a fairy painting by my mom, and the first painting i ever purchased (by jordan bent)

words on canvas and words on mirrors

a truly insiraptional book, called the red book and a self portrait with a work in progress.

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