Friday, August 31, 2007

night walks

I love Magpie Girl's idea of habitude, to take on "one mildly transforming life habit a month". This month's habitude is to walk 30 minutes a day. For some reason it took me a few days to sign someone who lives car-free, walking is a regular part of each day. I'm interested to see how much my 30 minutes is already integrated into my lifestyle (or not). I often bike and semi-often i wondered if i could cancel out the 30 minutes on those days, but if at all possible I intend to have it be seperate from my other activities. I mean, cause this is a new 'habit' right?

I've been walking to work this week, and from my home to my clients is just about 30 minutes. These night walks have coincided with the full moon which has been dreamy and grounding at the same time. I am intending to do my habitude walks as part of an evening routine. Either after dinner, when my body needs that extra umph or as a night walk.

I'm looking forward to more moonlight.

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