Thursday, August 16, 2007

gratitude and attitude

i'm at a cafe on main street drinking a most delicious fruit smoothie. today is another 'gentle' day (a.k.a. post-night-shift-sleep-deprived). though some days i feel most happy curled up on the couch with the kitters wandering around blogland, today i knew it was a get-outta-the-house-day.

yesterday was oh so beautiful. my friend fenner and i went on a photo-adventure to my favourite photo spot, which is this factory by the train tracks, complete with an ever changing aray of grafitti. this was my first time there with my new camera, though i must say i will never get sick of this spot. its the perfect amount of urban decay but in a setting that isn't i don't feel like i need to be watchin' my back!

i've always liked things (and people) that are a bit rough around the edges. and now that i live in the fancy-pants part of town, its nice to return to that rugged beauty to remind myself that perfection and destruction can sometimes be the same thing.

this weeks happy list:

sounds: richard shindell's new album South of Delia is knocking my socks off, as his work usually does. i'm also super excited to see miss paula cole with mandy moore this weekend...!

words: i'm lost in two books, one fiction: Walking to Mercury, by Starhawk as well as one nonfiction: The Red Book by Sera Beak

plans: along with the concert on sunday, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival is starting! Super exciting because other than taking photos, watching films is pretty much the next best thing. I'm starting to go to more events in this town which feels lovely, and i'm hoping to make a few friend-dates to go to films!

gratitudes: this week i'm feeling mighty grateful for the lovely families i work with, bright blue skies, fruit smoothies, photoadventures alone and with friends, learning about my camera, feeling seen, mini skirts, my silver birkies, a plentiful life, making new friends, richard shindell's songwriting, connections with my family, words from friends afar, good communication (others are having with me), being called on my sometimes poor communication, flowers oh beloved flowers, lugz cafe on main, free wireless and mostly i'm very very thankful to be healthy and have the ability to ride my beautiful new bicyclette.

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