Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: Patterns

I've been wanting to start contributing to the Self Portrait Challenge for a while now...and today it seems, is the day to begin! I have been thinking all day about what approach i wanted to take to it. As I went through my day I took a few shots...pondering the way straight lines physically and metaphorically display themselves in my life, what daily occurances are patterns and how i can represent that, even negative patterns. Good thing we have a whole month with this subject!

Then it came to me where I wanted to begin. The main pattern that accompanies me physically, that has been kind of my signature way of dressing...my striped socks. But its not just clothing. These stripes to me represent my individuality, a way in which I can shine every day. They especially remind me of pippi longstocking and her independant spirit. I've been wearing them most every day of my life for quite a long time now. I've gone through a bit of a conservative stage lately, letting go of almost all of my piercings, taking on somewhat of a more stereotypical feminity. But the socks, never. They remind me that I will never be the norm...always kin to the freaks and geeks. I wouldn't want it any other way.

This is the way I feel most at home dressing this skin i'm in.
A great place to begin...'cause this is me.


Sarah J. Midgley said...

Love the shot! Your socks match my pattern challenge socks!

bazl said...

This shot is great, I love the processing of this - the tone etc. Just the right amount of blur. Very cool.

mia said...

Beautiful photo, I love especially light in it. And I also like stripes. All kind and all coloured stripes!