Monday, July 09, 2007

delicious music

you know how sometimes a certain meal, though you've had it before, tastes like the most divine thing to ever meet your tastebuds? thats the closest i can get to describing how music is feeling to me these last few days.

it feels like every note is filling me up. like i'm experiencing a live show while waiting for the bus. like every sentence is a window into the wisdom of the world. music is always with me, and i listen to it all the time, but right now its like the best meal i've ever eaten.

early morning asks for the weepies tender love songs
the afternoon begs for miss patty griffin. especially 'heavenly day' and 'trapeze'.
in the evening i feel the need to turn up the volume real loud and rock out to the cliks.

i wonder why it all tastes so good right now. is it that i'm uncovering/remembering/divining old songs back into my life, finding the forgotten lyrics and putting them to paper.

is it that life is just better with an ipod in hand? 1000 songs at your service.

is it that i'm ready once again to meet the place in me that i feel most at home, most spiritual, most connected. maybe.

re-discovering all these old songs, i'm blown away at how dark a lot of them are, how much they are about transformation, facing fear, death, struggle. Reading them makes me very much not surprised that i had to go through a breaking down to be able to rise out of it.

i'm so looking forward to what this lighter heart has to say!

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