Tuesday, July 03, 2007

ferociously alive

i am smitten.
with portland.
with life.
with vacations.
with traveling.
with beauty and art and life.

i have been in portland less than 24 hours, and have been exploring alberta st. for the last few. i could so live here. it feels like home. the people here are so beautiful....and by that i mean they are authentically beautiful. i have butterflies over this city. oh dear.

last night sarah and i had great chats. we three (her, me and her boyfriend) ate outside and then sarah and i chatted for quite a while. its amazing how well we get along outside the context of our family. and our family as a whole is pretty rad, we all love each other big time. but this is the second time this year i've gone to visit sarah outside of the context of a family thing, and we get along just smashingly. i mean, who in this world knows me better, and vice versa?

its only been 2 months since my last trip and i feel like i flowed right back into vacation mode very quickly. i've been working so much lately though and didn't realize how much i needed a vacay...feels so good! i've concluded that i need to take a trip every 2-3 months, even if only to van isle....keep me feeling refreshed and keep my spirit ferociously alive.

it finally feels like summer. outside as well as in my heart.

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Harmony said...

Yeah Vivienne! Love the new hat :)