Tuesday, July 17, 2007

life well lived

really and truly i feel most at home at a folk festival.

my friend who is 8 says it 'means more to her than her birthday' and i very much agree.

during the weekend i developed an addiction. to my friends fancy camera. really, i think i alone took over 400 pictures over 3 days. i was rarely without it attached to my face.

i do love my wee little camera, and will continue to take it everywhere i go. i feel like life behind a camera lense is life well lived. i love noticing little things that others would pass by. i love capturing moments. i love the way it makes me feel like i am in a creative space, while simply walking down the street.

in a lot of my favourite blogs, said bloggers talk about their cameras, so i was well introduced to the Digital Rebel. I'm knee deep in trying to figure out which one to buy (whenever that happens). My friends camera I've been using is the Rebel XT and I love it, feel like I know how to use it. But then there is the XTi. Oh what to do! Hopefully by the time I've set aside the funds to buy it I will be clearer on what I want to get.

Okay, so I think the best way to talk about the last chunk of time since I posted is with a folk-fest-happy-list

-allie russell's lucious voice
-bitch singing 'pussy manifesto' and 'girls like me'
-dancing barefoot
-my 8 year old friend learning to breakdance on stage
-my 20/30 something friends learning to breakdance on stage
-wandering performance art
-beloved friends from victoria and vancouvs
-the big screen on the mainstage (so you could actually see the performances!)

more to say about the last week, but i think it needs to come out in bits and pieces.

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