Wednesday, July 25, 2007

30 things

30 things to do while I’m 30

-perform my own songs live
-go on a date (its been a while!)
-do a photo shoot as a photographer
-skinny dip
-save money for a trip to Australia
-spend a week with beloved friends in Toronto
-go on a roadtrip
-swim in the ocean
-make a short film
-do performance art
-make some graffiti
-do a creative blog project
-go a week without creating any waste (just recycling and compost)
-do a cleanse
-go a week (or more) without eating anything processed
-bake from scratch more
-chart fertility for a month (at least)
-stick to my budget
-sew myself an outfit
-chart dreams regularly
-join the car co-op
-get back into juicing
-go back to Portland
-go on a trip every 3 months (at least)
-paint a picture weekly
-set aside time daily to make art
-make an etsy store
-pay bills and then keep debt free
-create an altered book
-give only handmade presents

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