Tuesday, October 02, 2007

on being inspired to work in your pajamas

in the last few days i've been feeling a transition to becoming someone who
'works from home'

my job as a postpartum doula is a business that i run myself, but contract to another company, so i don't have much paperwork involved (until it comes to tax time). but there are some growing plans in this work world and i'm finding i have lots of work to do...research, taking new courses and the work that comes with them.

the other part of this has shown up full force without ever knowing i would ever find myself here. it is the work of an artist! i'm super busy finishing up a previous photo shoot and preparing for the next, researching photography courses to take (cause there is so much more i want to know), putting together plans for a show with my art collective, sitting at the table and making art, going on daily photo adventures. these wonderful tasks have been the way my life has transformed itself. out of depression came this beauty and adventure i never could have imagined then.

and this idea of the way i spend my days being potentially beneficial to my future worklife is scarey and wonderful! i've known for a while that i would like to add another type of work to my doula-life and that it would have to be self-employed as well. its almost ironic (to me at least) that i am my own boss, because i've struggled so much in my life with self-sabatoge....so to be faced with doing the opposite is just a lovely turn of fate. though i guess we are always accountable to ourselves though!

so, i'm slowly discovering tricks which seem helpful to get me to sit down and get to work! any suggestions or ideas that work for you are oh so welcome!

-listen to the CBC radio (pretty much the canadian version of NPR). i think i need that sort of auditory action to get me to do other work.

-take time for healthy meals...either at home or go have that delicious greek salad at the cafe nearby. this keeps me from distracting myself with snacking!

-make a pot of tea! its grounding and calming

-pick one day to just clean clean clean the house. it seems like monday works best for that. having a clean space makes for clarity in the mind...so true!

-if at all possible, get up early to work. this seems to be the most productive time of the day for me (though doing night shifts makes this challenging). that said, night shifts are perfect for getting lots of work done!

-find a rhythmn...paperwork/research/reading in the morning and arting/photoworking/creating in the afternoon

what are your tricks for feeling productive at home? (because whether one's work is raising kids, healing your own body, or running a business....is all vital work!)

other work inspirations:

this post by jen lemen on dreaming and working.

a post a while back by jen gray. go down the page a bit to the August 22 entry called 'on starving artistry'

and especially this piece by superhero andrea scher is an amazingly beautiful answer to the question i posed above!

happy home healing/working/mothering or off-to-work-you-go-ing to you!

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