Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: food and me (week 4)

it feels like food has been the theme of my life this month (as well as being the theme of the self portrait challenge).

i've been negotiating with myself over my food allergies....trying to sort out what are the culprits and how do i eat anything at all if i can't eat wheat, dairy, sugar and soy (prioritized in that order)! and in the midst of it all, some inner strength inspired me to quit coffee! (my beloved coffee)

though i must let you know that this doesn't feel like its something i'm approaching with drudgery...i'm feeling super inspired about it. i don't eat gluten because my quality of life is so much better without it. i got ahold of the amazing book crazy sexy cancer tips which i knew would give me a nutritional kick in the ass. her book is directed towards cancer survivors but is super inspiring to all of us. also, although i've mentioned it before....gluten free girl is providing a super amazing resourse (lots of recepies on her site) to live joyfully gluten free.

all this brings me to the above pic. i've been working hard at changing the way i view my food. i love food. i mean love love love it. my mom laughs at me (and my brother and dad have been known to do this too) because as soon as one meal is done i'm pondering what the next one may be. but the way i approach cooking my food doesn't reflect this.

food brings me joy.
i want to create my meals with joy and passion.
to eat more consciously and enjoy the moment.

last night i made yam fries and cooked up tempeh, onions, garlic and kale (as seen above).
so delicious and i enjoyed every morcel of 'em.

givin' thanks to food and this challenge.


BatCaveNC said...

Dear Lady V: At age 41, I sure wish I could say that I find myself where you seek to be with food. Indeed last night even, I rhetorically asked my mom whether women would ever be defined by themselves or others outside of their relationship to food and its effects. So stupid, but so paralyzing and absorbing. At age 17 I weighed 128 at 5ft 9in and thought I was obese!! Madness. I truly think it is the final frontier for me.

I ended up on your blog because after 5 months I realized one can click on one's favorite whatevers and be shown others who also listen to, read etc. or are interested in the same thing, and I had just re-picked up "Written on the Body" after however many years. Weird or synchronous? I remember when my peers and I were on the cutting edge of DOS. No longer - these little computer things embarrassingly escape me on a regular basis.

So I ended up reading your vest blog, and was hooting with laughter - it was great! I even read it out aloud to a friend and she got tickled as well. You go! A real triumph in so many ways.

So I hope you don't mind a complete stranger stumbling onto your blog site and then having the nerve to write you about 2 of your posts. Regards. BCNC

Rebekah said...

I made sweet potato fries myself recently - I love them! Your picture is so great - I can almost smell the garlic!

I have a friend who wrote a cookbook for her family's diet which is just like yours (with the exception of soy) - The Nurture Diet. If you google it, you'll find it at the top. I have it & cook from it occassionally - I made her cornbread last night - all of her food that I have tried has been delicious! You can substitute rice milk for the soy milk the recipes that contain it, and you'll be back on the soy-free track as well!

Ladyv said...

thank you both for your comments.

batcavenc...i love 'written on the body'...its right on the top of my 'best books ever' list. i'm so glad you liked the vest post. it was really theraputic to write that!

rebekah- thanks for the tip on that book. i love the title 'the nurture diet'. eating is such a potentially nurturing way of being! i will most definitely get ahold of that book.