Sunday, October 14, 2007

through the viewfinder: part 2

i asked that question those questions earlier so i could discover the answer, but i didn't quite expect the universe to respond so quickly. after writing that post i packed up my camera case and headed out for a walk.

and the magic happened.

i'm hanging all these photos up that i took today and i feel so sure that i need to follow the magic. maybe i don't shine under stress. maybe i need to focus on candids rather than posed shots. or maybe i need to actually do a lot more shoots to find my groove and feel confident in paid gigs.

i've been looking at so many photographers websites and the ones that resonate with me are the ones that really have a sense of their uniqueness.

here's a few of them

alicia block's ttv photos as well as her portraits.

the amazing leonie's sacred photography. she also is an amazing artist...her moto is 'joy is an option' and so lives it. her blog keeps me inspired regularly!

unravelling photos gorgeous images. her love for the holga camera and for experimental photos has me super inspired.

i'm eager to get outta this rut and
shine again.

damn girl. quit all this grumpyness and believe in yourself.
life's too short to not believe in yourself.

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