Sunday, October 14, 2007

through the viewfinder

i've spent this afternoon building a contraption for the duaflex camera that i recieved in the mail this week.
oh deary me i think i'm in love.

i've been rather hard on myself this week as when i have a formal 'photoshoot' the negative chatter in my mind is so rampant, no matter what positive things people say. i don't have that feeling when i am taking pictures of people candidly or on one of my photo adventures.

really, its the same dilemma i face in other parts of my life. i need to give myself love before i can recieve it!

i'm pondering what to do about this, as lots of oppourtunities seem to be coming up.

i could:

~keep on doing requested photoshoots and find the magical way i see the world...even if i feel stressed under pressure

~take the pictures i love to take and try shoots when i feel more confident and ready for it

i'm feeling so inspired by my duaflex camera, my holga, my macro lense and my camera in general. i'm so grateful all this inspiration has come into my life. i'm especially grateful to have the oppourtunity to make further progress in my mission for self-love....even though it feels hard right now.

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