Wednesday, October 17, 2007

words and images of a healing heart

i went out on todays adventures armed with my camera and spilling open by sabrina ward harrison. i didn't realize how much i needed to reread this book until i opened it up. i love how words and images can apply in such different ways at various points in one's life. last week was such a messy week...and reading spilling open so helped put perspective on working through self doubt. reading her words back then, they resonated, but they didn't hit me.

you know...hit you right there. they did that today.

and today they felt like exactly what i needed to hear. to not be ashamed of the rough patches and to work through your struggles in the most authentic way possible.

this week feels like i've taken that one step forward towards this continued healing of my spirit.

making sure i am showing up in my own life.

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