Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: food and me (week 3)


its pretty much my favourite thing about fall. cook one squash...with a bit of garlic and butter....the perfect meal. i love that i can get little squash that make a perfect one person meal. although i'm not one to use the microwave much, my sister told me that putting a squash in the micro-w for 10 minutes does a seriously good job of cooking it. it so much quicker!

its no surprise (if you look at my last few entries) that i was determined to take todays self portrait challenge using the through the viewfinder method. i very quickly realized that it is seriously difficult to one's face in the picture while holding the digital camera and focusing it...while precariously balanced on the contraption on the vintage camera. so i played around with what was possible! hence...the hand!

here's a few squash out takes (click on it for a closer view)!

on another food note...i've recently come across gluten free girl's site and am in blog heaven. a blog all about what consumes much of my everyday? why didn't i think of that! her post are charming, authentic and full of gluten free inspiration. i can't say i'm particularly inspired as someone who lives gluten free...its just the way it has to be. reading her blog and getting excited about her book...i felt something shift. what i get from gluten-free-girl so far in my exploration of her site is that this 'limitation' doesn't have to limit you...it can open you up to living and eating a more ALIVE life!

happy eating to you.


Vanessa said...

these photos are ALL gorgeous

Kimberley McGill said...

We love squash of every kind around here. I like the effect you produced with the photos. What kind of vintage camera?

Mrs. R said...

I love the soft focus you have going on here. I also also love the black edges. These are a couple of pictures I want hanging up in my kitchen during the fall season.

jenica said...

these pics feel so soft and wonderful!