Saturday, October 06, 2007


my happiest moment of the day yesterday was watching my favourite musician live through the viewfinder of my camera while singing. it hit me at that moment that i don't have to give up any of the things i love...all three can exist together! music has definitely gone to the wayside since i fell for photography...and now i feel so inspired on all fronts.

that fabulous performer in the pic above is the great Martin Sexton. i've been a big ol' fan of his music for a long time now and had yet to see him live. oh lordisa he was so damn amazing. its practically a religious experience seeing him live!

He's just put a new album out called Seeds...which is most definitely the most flowing, yet rockin' cd he's put out yet. Yum!

Wild Angels -By Martin Sexton

We are born with all this music in our heart
We tend to forget a little each day right from the start
In a dream I rolled on back the clock and found another way
To remember the words
That we are wild angels
Believing in our childhood dreams
We're just trying to find our way
back to the source of the stream

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