Friday, October 19, 2007

project vest reclamation

Now that I have a new llbean down vest in my happy hands, its time to end the two year saga i've called 'project vest reclamation'. Those of you who haven't heard the rant about this...I don't think you need to. Instead, I'd like to share the morals of the story.

#1. Don't enter the home of someone you don't know, put on an item of their clothing and leave, never mentioning it again. That is um, stealing?!

#2. Especially don't do the above act soon after said item-owner has been robbed in her home twice in one week (by the same dude both times).

#3. Don't ignore her polite requests for the return of the vest. Especially don't lose the vest! Don't pretend you didn't lose it!

#4. Own up, say your sorry when you steal something! (don't wait till they request it...especially don't wait over 8 months to really pisses people off!)

#5. Don't mess with a leo in her saturn return. Seriously.

#6. Don't avoid dealing with it. It will not go away! You will be called monthly, emailed regularly and endlessly until you deal with it (note #5 for the reason why)

#7. Don't be afraid to go to the next step and inform someone that you will be taking them to small claims court if they don't deal with a situation. It works! (in other words, don't be afraid to do something 'unkind' in order to stand up for yourself)

#8. Don't mess with Vivienne. She is working hard at becoming a tough cookie (while retaining a soft heart).

#9. Don't let yourself be stepped on or taken advantage of. Reclaim your inner bitch. Stand up for yourself in little ways and big ones (even when the little one's take 2 years to resolve!)

Um, and thank you to the lovely friends (and my family members) who had to hear me emotionally rant for almost 2 years about 'the vest' which was a situation obviously not actually really about the vest!

This ended up to be a pretty important part of my healing from the robbery and reclaiming of my personal power.

But I'm so thankful its over.

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