Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: food and me (week 1)

Oh food.
My favourite thing and my biggest frustration. All packed into little morcels of deliciousness.

My relationship with food has been at the forefront of my life. I've been dealing with food allergies for oh so long. I had to laugh when I first read that this months Self Portrait Challenge theme is 'food and me' as I had just decided that for the month of October I was going to stop eating dairy and refined sugar. I don't eat gluten and haven't for a long time now, but its become clear that gluten isn't my only challenge. i think one of the other major culprits in my ever-bloated-belly is dairy. sugar is just wrong (and an addiction). i so yearn for a happy state of digestive health and am ready to leave the staples of most peoples diet behind if thats what it'll take to get me there.
the belly knows best!

so i wanted to start with this pic, which was the most delicious of apples that i got at a farmers market. although it often feels like a struggle to navigate the world of ingredients to figure out what i can eat...good ol' organic fruit is good good goodness...without question!


hollibobolli said...

that sucks - I had a friend visit and she was a newly discovered apple allergic person (that was poorly worded). we snack on apples all the time, I love them!!

Kimberley McGill said...

Don't have a food allergy (unless you count weight gain as an allergic reaction :))it must be tough. I can't even begin to imagine.

Oh yes! Organic fruit and vegetables - always buy whatever is available.

It's my first time posting at SPC, nice to meet you!

rubyslippers said...

Yum! The Fuji apples are like candy right now! I've been eating one everyday for a couple of weeks. I'm with you--don't do well with refined sugar or gluten. Autumn apples often do the trick to help curb those sugar cravings though...