Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: the bathroom (week 4)

Earlier today I was feeling like I was kinda done with this months spc theme 'the bathroom'. My bathroom is pretty little and somewhat uninspiring. But on my daily adventures I snapped some shots that are my favourite of the whole month.

Here are a few outakes that I can't resist but post!

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I love taking pic's in public bathrooms. I rarely have the guts to take it outside the stall, but the above black and white were taken in at my favourite movie theatre after seeing a matinee of '2 days in paris' and the b-room was empty so away i clicked!this has been my second month of doing the spc's and i'm full o' gusto for the next month!

its taking a bit to get back in the swing of things after my recent travels. before i left i was in a great daily art making groove and i'm yearning to get that back. i'm also super glad to be back in the swing of things over at the visually lovely citygirl/countrygirl

artfully yours,


platinum blonde said...

i love your shots. i have the smallest bathroom on earth so i can relate! i really love those outtakes...the one with the necklaces & the one in the mirror with the long line of stalls are my favorite. wonderful work!

Rachel said...

I like the one with the necklaces best. It looks like you were having fun while taking it.

Goddess of Leonie said...

i totally dig the necklaces one