Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: the bathroom (week 2)

what would a bathroom-themed-self-portrait-challenge be without a little skin. just a little.

this whole turning the camera on yourself thing has a whole bunch of reprocusions. its been amazing to take beautiful pictures of myself. to acknowledge that thanks to digital you can keep takin' em until there is one you like. and i don't remember how many it took to get one i liked, or all the strange awkward faces i made on the way to a nice one, i just remember how it makes me feel to find my own beauty.

a long while back i did a wee nudie photo shoot (actually, 3 in total) and it was pretty lifechanging. to see my curves and chub being portrayed as beautiful was a-ma-zing. it was also a very playful, honouring experience. i've got pics of my toes, bum, breasts, hips, neck. all of it. as is. in all its unusual perfection.

more self portrait challenge pics here.

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