Monday, September 17, 2007

coastal love

i love that bikes rule the road here.
i love how comfortable i feel here without even trying.
i love how easy it is for me to find food i can eat here (without gluten).
and i LOVE
the coast.

yesterday we drove up to the coast. i felt completely nauseous the entire way there and back as i am so not used to being in a car on the highway. it felt much like a rollercoaster! but after arriving in the sweetest little town called cannon beach, some most delicious prawns and smoked salmon settled my belly just fine! this town has bunnies running wild everywhere, munching on grass. this one stole my heart:

we concluded it would have a much better life in this town than in a cage at home. we headed out to the coast where troy was going to go out surfin' in his kayak. sarah and i walked the beach and took pictures. i also took two rolls with my new holga (which leaves me breathtaken...i can't wait to develop them!

i'm heading out momentarily to take the train back home. i will be back in only 3 days. i ask...why am i even going back? well, a few commitments (two of whom are named ladybug and elliot and purr loudly). i'll be flying back for the weekend....for an event i must be secretive about for the moment but will be posting many many pictures of when it happens!

so, 8 hours on the train....taking pictures out of the window, journaling, napping....sounds like a lovely day to me.

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