Friday, September 14, 2007

i heart portland

is this place for real?
i've never been in a town that radiated such kindness!
i'm so grateful to know that i will be coming down here on a regular basis. i've never felt so at home in a town right away.

so, lets backtrack. two days ago i got on a fast moving bus at dawn, and then a long train ride along the coast.

and then the sisters were reunited once again

we went thrift store shopping for a super fabulous (and very important) dress in my sisters life. probably the most important.

we drank wine at a beautiful wine bar

The next day (yesterday) I headed downtown on a wee solo adventure. I wandered the streets, got lost, got found again.
I love these words that were on this art peice downtown. Go Love! Thats what I feel here. Love is vibrant in its existence and its potential. As a community, I've never recieved so many smiles just walking down the street. Not necessarily downtown, but alberta st (oh beloved alberta st) just feels like home.

Go Love Go!

I felt really blessed to go out last night to a dance party with my new friend here. Not only were people so sincere when they meet you, but they don't pretend 5 minutes later that the intro never happened! It makes me think about the energy I put out. When people are cold, it doesn't make me want to kill 'em with kindness (though i try sometimes) so I wonder how much I perpetuate the snottyness in vancouvs. In a community like this, we're perpetuating some serious kindness, smiling back and forth at each other! I think vancouver needs a little smile therapy.

I have a few more days here. We are heading out to the coast tomorrow (and i highly suspect my love affair for portland will get sufficiently deeper once i get myself and my camera on that beach).

Dear Portland.

I love you.


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