Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: the bathroom (week 3)

With this last week of travel, there is no doubt that my weekly-sub-theme for this week would have to be public washrooms!
The above is my favourite and by far the most gorgeous bathroom of the week.

I won't stop there though. Here is a tour of vivienne's tour of the bathrooms of the pacific northwest!

on a train speeding its way from seattle to portland

fuel cafe on alberta st in pdx!

barbaties pan downtown p-town!

imo cafe in seattle

and finally back in vancouver! at pacific central station!

and to end of...my favourite bathroom graffitti, found at the train station in vancouver

for more bathroom related self portraits go here!


Vanessa said...

these are all so cool... i can't decide which one i like best! perhaps pacific central station (but i also love the very first train shot).

so glad i'm not the only one who overdosed on public bathroom shots this week :)))


Miriam said...

These are all so beautiful and cool! I especially like the second one.

Rebekah said...

That was fun! Now I can say I took an educational guided tour today ;)

Mrs. R said...

Love all of these. Great job.

platinum blonde said...

these are great (love that liberate message too!)