Saturday, January 31, 2009

appreciating the present

i feel like i'll look back on these days as of romping around san francisco solo with a sigh and a smile. most days i don't actually feel lonely lately at all. some times i wish i had a hand to hold, but generally i am just trusting that everything is happening as it should. that learning to love life alone is part of my journey. that finding contentment, even happiness in being alone is something worth being proud of, and especially trusting that i will find love. it was the last few years of holding my own loneliness in my hands and trying to come to terms with it that is making these days of feeling fulfilled, truly happy, and still solo, all the more beautiful.

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beth said...

enjoy being alone...because it doesn't have to mean you're lonely !!!

there are millions of people in relationships that are very lonely, but nobody thinks they are because they have a partner...looks can be deceiving!