Sunday, February 01, 2009

jedi artists

he tells me i'm an artist. i tell him the same. then we stop talking, pick up the brushes and paint in silence for a little bit. until one of us laughs, makes a mess, a mistake, or he wants to tell me something about how he's luke skywalker and how darth maul killed general grevious. i smile and listen and pretend i'm princess lea with beautiful long braids curling above my ears, as this is the kind of thing luke skywalker and princess lea would talk about.

i really love big kid art time. he's 5 and i'm kind of 5 at heart. we see what each other are doing and try out a cool new way one can make circles with your brush or try out how the other one painted a cool pattern on their canvas. we usually end up having something similar in what each of us made, but each piece is also totally our own. when it is not silent, or star wars dialouge, i find myself talking about how we are artists. how making mistakes is just part of making art, that perfection can be a mess and that all we have to do to be an artist is to just do it. that the moment we pick up a brush and start, we are.

he usually laughs at how long it take me to finish a piece i'm working on. by the time i'm done he's usually done a second one and then gone onto a crayon drawing of yoda fighting darth vader. we're both each others teachers and we're both each others students. our regular art dates are filling my heart up pretty full these days. but i don't tell him that part. 'cause girl gushing isn't really cool if your a jedi. and we're jedi artists. we swing a pretty mean lightsaber and a paintbrush and we've got the force in our hands.


beth said...

this post tugged at my heart....wishing that my little ones had stayed little just a little longer for more of this kind of togetherness !

dreamingmakingbeing said...

oh vivienne,

this is beautyfull. you are beautyfull. and so is he.

you do have the force.

i love you,