Wednesday, February 04, 2009

abundant inspiration 2

in these months that could be titled 'finding myself as an artist' i'm seriously blown away by the abundant potential of creative inspiration. my time in internet land feels much more nourishing than usual while i search out inspirations to help me on my way. a random google search led me to the above video about Maya Hayuk, and since watching a whole shwack of videos on her website i pretty much think she's beyond rad...the way she talks about art makes it feel really accessible. plus i love the way she speaks about her favourite medium being the one she's doing at the moment.

its crazy beautiful to finally listen to that inner voice that really wants to be an artist as well as a photographer. who knows what i'll end up making. who knows if it'll be purdy or just a hot mess. i'm incredibly excited to soon be sharing a studio with 2 other lovely ladies for the rest of my time here. i'm trying to speak very kindly to the pessimist in me that attempts to whisper 'but you're not really an artist' in my ear on a regular basis. but oh dear pessimist me...i don't really care what you think. i've seen far too much proof that following your creative urges can lead to great things to listen to you.

when not ignoring my pessimism or taking pictures, i'm busy with e~courses and a really fabulous class on doing alternative photographic printing, an upcoming silkscreening class and i'd like to take every course that RayKo offers, but I'll have to pick one or two in the end! i'm also deeply in love with the East Bay Creative Reuse Depot. Its a big store packed full of everything imaginable to make something out of...yesterday I found an old Holga there for 3 bucks with a half used roll of film in it (needless to say I'm just aching to process it and see what was on the first half).

i hadn't really had any expectations of how life would go down here, i just kind of had a good feeling about it.
i'm truly blown away by what the last month has almost feels like i've made more progress in the last month on truly embracing life than i did in the last year. a change of scene seems to have been the perfect catalyst for this...kind of makes me want to keep on city hoping, but the sweet meow of little kitters far away can't help but call me home. plus i think i want to give vancouver another try!

so, here's even more of what's got my creative heart swooning...the paintings below were all discovered during my exploration of the many floors of the SF Museum of Modern Art.

Richard Diebenkorn, Berkeley #57

Robert Rauschenberg, Collection

Robert Rauschenberg

Christopher Wool

2 comments: - the Creative Goddess said...

oh this is so perfect dear one,
your words are incredibly scrumptious
and rich to eat.


John Heil Photography said...

So glad to hear everything is going so well down there Viv!! Everything sounds incredible. That alternative print class looks so cool!!!!