Thursday, February 12, 2009

love day

photo by bloemetje

how to have a valentine's day in which you barely even think about the fact you are single

1. go to an event based on love and compassion.
2. receive at least a dozen hugs at said event. more hugs that you've received in ages.
3. be in the company of wonderful people, both new friends and strangers.
4. cry your eyes out at moving stories about people being accepted, loved and not afraid to be who they are.
5. buy a beautiful book and spent the next few hours reading about authenticity, courage and love.
6. drink an incredibly delicious fancy drink that gives you the most perfect happy buzz and makes your cheeks rosy.
7. follow the droves of people holding pillows to downtown san fran for a pillow fight.
8. immerse one's self in taking photos of said pillow fight. get feathers in your hair and smile big.
9. settle into your rocking chair and find yourself filled with gratitude for such a lovely and unusual day.


O. Joy said...

This is just fantastic!!!! Yay for a single is cool post!!! This is so wonderful1 And LOVE that shot!!

dreamingmakingbeing said...

oh viv!

i looove your new header.
and the life you are living sounds so juicy. thank you thank you for living a juicy life.

i do love that picture too. i need more pink in my life. it makes me want to go play with photos now.

so much love,

daisies said...

i so love that photo ... so filled with joy :)

and am so glad you embraced the beauty in the day, much love