Monday, February 23, 2009

Short Learning Long Recognizing

Dzeju Iziase (Short Learning Long Recognizing)

You have to know
before you can
You have to be able
before you create
you have to find new roads
and short is the learning
and long is the understanding
you have to be able to pass through
a lot of smoke
to see the fire.
~by Aspasija (Translated by Ellen George, my Grammy)

The poet is an anscestor of ours on my mom's side that is a poet, playright and feminist. The poem was sent in a valentine's card from my lovely mom.

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dreamingmakingbeing said...

i don't think it's possible right now for words to speak to me more concisely than this poem has. (even though that sentence may not have been very concise.)

thank you so much miss v.

those photos feel like home.