Friday, January 16, 2009

zebras rock. so does art.

adventures galore have been occuring. seeing live penquins being fed, having butterflies almost land us, seeing t~rex bones, hanging out in beautiful parks, checking out different parts of town and yes, seeing zebras (not real of course, but enough to make a 3 year old squeal). i'm also mighty happy that i went into the city mid week to see a vancouver pal play a beautiful show, with an opening duo of violin and cello which were stunning. i highly recommend checking out rae's music and videos. i have a few concerts next week that i'm incredibly excited about, Kris Delmhorst as well as Coyote Grace, both artists/groups don't tend to tour in Canada so I'm pumped that I can see them here.

tonight was the first night in ages that i've actually sat still long enough to do some photo editing and goodness me it sure does fill me up with creative delight. when i first learned photoshop i was really surprised to find that i really felt as though i could connect with the magic of creating, as i had kind of assumed that the fact that the computer was my creative tool would negate that timeless, intuitive experience. thankfully i was wrong and though the taking of the pictures is my main creative outlet, the processing of them runs a close second.

i've also got a pile of creative supplies: pastels, acrylics, canvases and a new art journal that are patiently waiting for me to stop taking off on adventures and to connect with them! i'm so excited to be taking Leonie's Goddess e~course and can't wait to delve into it. these sunny days are perfect for laying a blanket out on the grass in the backyard and making a beautiful creative mess!

Leonie posted the most wonderful Creative Manifesto on her blog this week that i just love:

Creative Goddesses make art because it fills them up with joy and light.
Creative Goddesses believe mistakes are sacred and add to an artwork's story and perfection.
Creative Goddesses aren't afraid of making art that doesn't Look Good.
Creative Goddesses don't make art for others, they make art for themselves.
Creative Goddesses make art that is true for them.
Creative Goddesses don't need no stinkin' outside approval.
Creative Goddesses make art that doesn't need to look like anyone else's.
Creative Goddesses trust in their intuition and vision to make *their* art as it is needed in this world.
Creative Goddesses listen to their soul's calling.
Creative Goddesses dip their fingers in paint.
Creative Goddesses know the power of soulful creativity.
Creative Goddesses remember that every person on this planet is an artist, a Creative spirit, a soul who needs love, joy, creativity, laughter and connection just as much as water and food.
Creative Goddesses do it messy. And gladly. And reverently.
Creative Goddesses share their art when it is right for them, and hold on to the medicine of their art when it is right for them.

The Creative Goddess is inside you.
She is inside each of us, everywhere, all the time.
We only need a moment to hear our own grace and magnificence.

~Leonie Allan


emily said...

vivienne, thank you for sharing your creative resources so generously...more and more i find that i am turning to your blog for both inspiration AND information. you're a gem! - the Creative Goddess said...

oh my possum.
you came up in my google reader and i wondered at what magic sanfran has been filling your days with...
you seem in full bloom! with adventures! with joy! with possibility!
and then i see my own name.. bless you woman.. i'm so glad to touch you just as much as you touch me.

Jeanine said...

i hear you - photoshop is my creative friend (whom, sadly, i haven't visited much lately).

must go check out the artists you mentioned. perhaps they'll be coming this way?

ps. love the creative manifeso (especially "don't need no stinkin' approval" - hee hee)