Sunday, January 11, 2009

magnolia at golden hour (and other things of beauty)

in vancouver my favourite week of the year is the one in which the magnolia trees are blooming. it such a heart opener to see these gorgeous white or pink leaves tight in a bud emerging out of their fuzzy casing to be these decadent big blossoms. during that week i'm almost always to be found under a magnolia tree at golden hour.

it had been a more challenging day than the blissful days of late, as i'd accidently glutenized myself and hadn't been able to pull off the wandering, walking, exploring that i've been doing lately. who knew hummus had a chance of containing wheat (actually it had tamari/soy sauce...which i find to be the most challenging thing to avoid in this gluten free journey as it sneaks its self into so many foods)! so a bit frustrated, i was lying down for a bit of a rest when i saw the golden light coming in my window in that just perfect yellow tone i jumped up without thinking and ran out of the house towards the cemetery nearby and the most beautiful magnolia tree. a great reminder that i don't need to only be a tourist of the grand but also of the little things too.

and this is what i found:

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