Monday, May 04, 2009

i'm a cat lady

i've been avoiding a certain photo file on my computer for months now, knowing that if i looked in it i would need a full box of tissues handy to deal with the waterworks. its the file called 'kitters'.

while i've been in california my cats ladybug and elliot (the above photo is of miss lady) have been bonding with my parents in montreal. way back in the fall i called them in tears asking for them to help me after my potential cat sitter options all fell through. little did i know how lovely it would be to hear the way my folks talked about the kitters, hearing how they have bonded with my brother and gotten to know his amazing cat ulysses, knowing that they too have fallen a little bit (or a lot) for these miniscule feline beings that i so adore.

tonight i was finally ready to gaze at photos of their little adorable faces, ladybug and her alien-esque eyes and billy (elliot) and his cute belly. although i'm still in total denial that i'm leaving this lovely place, the thought of being back together with those adorable beings has me a wee bit excited to head home. 15 sleeps till i get to curl up with them again!

***be sure to follow the above link to a truly wonderful video by my brother's talented friend***


Suvarna said...

what a gorgeous gorgeous photo and i can see why you miss them so. So adorable!

Brandi said...

dude I miss my dogs when we go away for the weekend.

I totally, totally understand. :-)