Saturday, May 30, 2009

vancity goodness

dear vancouver.

i must commend you.
you're really doing your best to get me to fall for you.

i've been nestled back in between your mountains for a few weeks now
and i'm amazed at how much better i like you now compared to when i left you
(much to the chagrin of my toronto friends who'd like to kidnap me to their city).

you've been working hard at showing me your beautiful parts and people.
~the night market in chinatown
~gospel music at my favourite cafe
~folk and rock concerts galore
~a photoshoot with a beautiful friend
~homemade lemonade in wine glasses in the sunshine, complete with a laughing fit
~collecting shells on the beach
~seeing how much all of the babies have grown
~my beloved NIA dance class and the lovely ladies there
~feeling inspired to start running again
~sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, along with a beautiful breeze most days
~a few really lovely dear sweet friends (like the one along side me in these pics)

there are still plenty of moments that i'll think
"why don't i go to cafe gratitude today"
"i feel like taking pics in the mission today"
and totally forget where i am.

i still miss the east bay and san francisco like mad (and the lovelies i met there)
and would love to find myself back there some day.

but in general vancity, i think might like you after all!

now...if only i could manifest a way to winter somewhere else every year,
then vancouver, i think we could live happily ever after!


Jen* said...

I love the laughing photo! Besides the lighting being so cool it looks like you are having the most fun together. You inspire me to recognize the little things that make life awesome...and drinking lemonade out of wine glasses is a fabulous idea!!

deb did it said...

oh Vancouver. I had an affair with her once, and I do miss her so. Fabulous and fun fotos!

handmade charlotte said...

You guys are having fun! Great pics.....they make me happy!

Jaime said...

Isn't the west coast amazing? I started my love affair with Victoria 10 years ago this September, and I couldn't imagine ever leaving...especially now that I know what it's like to be near the ocean. It's perfect for this rain-loving girl.