Sunday, May 31, 2009

bench monday

i've been loving all of the bench monday pictures that have been showing up in my flickr contact photostream these last few weeks. totally a concept right up my alley.

these last few days have been so socially busy that tonight i dedicated to lying on the couch with two purring felines, going in and out of napping and waking. but as the sun was setting i made myself get out of the house for a very small evening stroll, armed with my tripod (which i've missed so much...the logic in me not bringing it to california completely evades me) and my new lens i headed to the ravine nearby in search of some bench~like structures....and these two images show what i found....


beth said...

whoa....I so love these !!
and one of these days I HAVE to get in on the whole bench thing, as I am just loving the photos soooo much !!!

and I have come to realize that anything can be a bench and that somedays the only thing I like about myself is my feet/shoes and ankles and calves !

beth said...

and maybe I can meet you next year at the olympics...which will be in your back yard, you know !!