Friday, May 29, 2009

gratitude and rock n' roll

I'm just chock full of gratitude right now. So much so that i can't sleep. you know those days...that are just so lovely that you know waking up tomorrow you won't feel quite as blissed out. I've had one of those. One of my dear dear friends played a show in my city tonight and made time to spend the afternoon with me. Usually I steal him away from the music world for an hour to grab sushi and connect so to have the whole grateful!

I finally gave in and bought the "nifty fifty" as Kate calls it...the Canon 50mm 1.4 lens. I've been eyeing it for a long time, tested it out whenever anyone would let me. Then today while researching what lenses are most popular for indoor concert shooting everyone was raving about it and well, that was that! I'd held out long enough! And I'm incredibly happy with it. It really allowed for far more great shots of tonight's show than I could normally get from my small arsenal of lenses.

My friends band The Cliks was touring as the opener for a band called The New York Dolls. Once the show began I noticed 3 rather tall dudes with very large cameras and lenses bombarding the front of the stage. A friend and I with our canon rebel's and smallish (but powerful) lenses held our own. Can't say they were the friendliest people I've ever encountered nor do I really understand the need for a gigantic zoom lens when you're about 3 feet from the subject. That said, if they were taking pictures that will help promote my friend, I'll be nice to them none the less!

I love how photography and music intersect. They both have a way of bringing me into the moment. Thats one of the things I love so much about seeing live music...its a moment in time that is happening, creating a state of sensory bliss. Photography does that in a different yet equally beautiful way. I love photographing live music...if you haven't tried it I highly recommend just bringing your camera to a show and being brave and trying it. Sometimes its the best seat (or usually lack of a seat) in the house being right there with a few lenses and a camera. There are times though that I need to make sure I put down the camera and really be present in experiencing the music.

I'm listening to The Cliks new album right now and every song I hear amazes me even more.

I'm a very very proud friend. Its really really beautiful to see people get the success they've worked so hard for. Here's a few shots from the night (more will appear on my flickr stream as I process them)!

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