Monday, May 18, 2009

almost home

standing within the mountains in kaslo, british columbia was a pretty lovely welcome back to my province. driving across it, from the more arid regions towards the deep lush kootenays, i couldn't help but fall for this truly beautiful place. connecting with old friends, most of whom i haven't seen in a decade, has me feeling pretty fulfilled too. its amazing how much people change and how essentially we remain the same.

now physically home in my cute little apartment, slowly bringing boxes and bags back in to be sorted. i'm totally craving newness...being sure to not put anything back exactly where it was before. i want to acknowledge change and also to feel newness around me despite not being somewhere new.

being back around my dear sweet friends...that feels like home. i couldn't wait another day to see a few people in this city, so they have definitely taken priority over unpacking.

and what will truly make my heart feel like home is those two meowing beings that are presently on their way back home to me! can't wait to hear them purr! i don't know if i'll be much of a wordy woman this week, what with cuddling with kitters and taking my time unpacking and all (oh, and work) but i have lots and lots to due time!

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beth said...

this photo is absolutely wonderful....
I love photos that some consider off balance...but guess real life we are all a little off balance so why not our pictures, too ???